Our company KRUTA IMPORT s.r.o. was found in 2018 exclusively for the purpose of importation of turkey meat. For many years we have been working with the holding DAMATE Group, from which we received the exclusive representation for the whole Europe. Thanks to its capacity, which in 2018 expanded even more, the company DAMATE is the biggest producer of turkey meat in Europe. With their own feed production and closed cycle their meat is absolutely Bio. DAMATE one of the company in Russia that produces turkey meat under the Halal label. DAMATE Group obtained its first certificate on the production of Halal goods in November 2013 and started exporting turkey meat to the UAE from beginning of 2018.

Our company has it’s headquarters directly in the Airport of Vaclav Havel in Prague and it’s owning cold storage warehouses in Kladno. Our clients are chains and wholesalers, food processing and catering companies all around Europe.




The main asset of DAMATE is the turkey meat production project being the largest in Penza region and one of the largest projects in Russia. In 2016 the project drove up to the rated capacity output of 60 thousand tons of finished products per year, the capacity will be expanded up to 110 thousand tons by 2018 in carcass weight per year. The project has been designed with the vertically integrated structure with full production cycle, including hatchery, brooding and grow-up sites, slaughter and processing plant and feed production.


Manufacturing process


  • Full cycle of production guarantees products quality and safety control at each stage.
  • Artificial intelligence controls produc on processes
  • Air chilling instead of water chilling – meat doesn’t contact with water, so no additives - only meat itself with natural taste
  • Advanced packaging solutions save freshness of turkey meat for up to 10 days without preservatives
  • Wide range of products, including turkey cuts, patties, and marinated products




The production hall of turkeys on their own land with the strictest hygiene standards

The turkey hall is the largest in Europe. Capacity up to 600 tons a day


About us

Our company is the exclusive distributor and importer of turkey meat for all Europe from the biggest producer in EU.

The producer DAMATE is offering totally BIO products fresh or frozen according to advanced packaging solutions.

Fast contact

Aviaticka 1092/8, 161 00 Praha 6

P: +420 246 096 756

M: +420 774 643 598

M: +420 777 722 633

E: info@kruta-import.cz


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